Top 5 Things Small Business Owners Can Do To Improve Their Brand Online Presence and Keep Selling

We know that these past months have been incredibly intense for you as a business owner. Thank you for staying committed, being so resilient, and fighting so hard to keep your business going in the midst of such extreme circumstances.

Whether your business has been temporarily shut down, you have adapted and found new opportunities, your sales are growing, but you are having supply chain issues or any other version of the complications that every small business owner is facing right now, your determination is inspiring. It would be ideal if the difficulties of 2020 came to an end quickly but the reality is that the rebound and recovery from COVID will be a long process. While we hope that you benefit from fair loans and grant programs to help you through this period, what we really want you to do is #keepselling. There is no better capital for a business than revenue, and as the old saying goes, “In every crisis there is opportunity.”

Connect Prep helps you do all of the necessary work to ensure that you are ready to connect with your Ideal Client. It ensures that your brand, marketing materials, agreements, and all interactions with your Ideal Client are aligned so that you can work towards generating more revenue for your business.

1 — Do An Alignment Audit

Audit every way you connect with your Ideal Client and identify where you are in total alignment with your brand’s vision and mission. Then make a list of everything you need to fix or update, assigning priority levels as you go. Download this template to guide you.

2 — Brand Breakthrough

Work with Michelle Garside to do a Brand Breakthrough and get clarity on your name, tagline, key messages, pricing, product, and marketing strategy! Email her and use the promo code SLAP to get a 75% discount!

3 — DIY Marketing Materials

Go through your current marketing materials and pick 3 items that need to be updated so that you can properly connect with your Ideal Client. Create a Canva account and use their templates to do some quick DIY design.

4 — Build A Website

Launch an updated website so that your customers can find you, learn about you, and buy from you online. It has never been as important as it is now! Work with Michael Paraskakis, a senior-level business and technology executive who has offered to help SMBs get a new modern site launched at accessible rates. Email him to discuss it!

5 — Create A Merch Store

Consider building a merch store to generate new revenue, provide a VIP experience to your existing customers or partners, and build brand loyalty in the process. With Printify, you can instantly set up a merch store to sell branded items that create a fun experience for people to find and buy from you online! Use promo code TYB60 to get a free premium account for 2 months.

If you want to get even more ideas on how to #keepselling through covid, we have put together an E-book containing a total of 50 different practical and actionable strategies that you can activate today to start generating new revenue for your business and help you pivot and innovate.

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